The second step is to strive to eliminate as many hazards as possible.

  • Minimize protrusions on drivelines.
  • For implement connections which require bolts or set screws, select and supply hardware which minimizes any protrusions.
  • Select a locking device for the tractor PTO that minimizes protrusions.
  • Do not locate machine controls, gauges or other mechanisms which require or encourage operator presence in the vicinity of the driveline.


For hazards which cannot be effectively eliminated; guarding or shielding must be provided.

  • The PTO master shield, IID (Implement Input Driveline) guard, and IIC (Implement Input Connection) shield should provide an effective interactive shielding system throughout the range of expected operating conditions.
  • Specify and test an IID guard with end bell cones which overlap, but do not interfere with the PTO master shield or IIC shield.
  • Specify and test guards designed to operate in the expected environmental and operational conditions.
  • Provide an IIC shield which adequately overlaps with the IID guard to provide guarding of the shaft coupling and any torque limiting device installed on the driveline.
  • Check that all routine maintenance of the driveline can be performed without complete removal of the guards or shields.
  • Provide proper attachment locations on the implement for restraining device if non-rotating driveline guards are specified


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