Driveline Design and Safety Checklist

This "Checklist" is primarily intended for usage by farm implement designers. It provides safety information/reminders important for the design, selection, labeling and testing of PTO drivelines.

NOTE: This manual may be downloaded and reproduced for non-commercial usage.

Download the Driveline Design and Safety Checklist .doc (334K)


The first step is to specify and test the driveline to operate properly under expected field conditions.

  • Specify and test the proper size joints and telescoping members based upon the power required by the implement, speed of rotation, joint angles, joint phasing, shock loads and expected life.
  • Design and test the hitch geometry to prevent the driveline from:
    • Extending beyond the recommended maximum length.
    • Bottoming out.
    • Reaching a position which would allow the joints to lock.
    • Exceeding the maximum allowable angle for constant velocity (CV) joints.
  • Provide a proper operational clearance zone for the driveline to avoid damage to the driveline or guard components. Some common areas of interference are:
    • Three point linkage
    • Extended or eye loop hitch pins
    • Hydraulic hoses
    • Hitch jacks
    • Tractor tires
    • Tractor drawbar clevice / hammerstrap hitch
    • Implement tongue
    • Implement frame members
  • Specify and test telescoping members to allow the lowest possible thrust loads, considering the expected working conditions.
  • Specify and test torque limiters to control excessive shock loads.
  • Where necessary, specify and test overrunning clutches to prevent inertial loads from overpowering the tractor.
  • Provide a support location to secure the driveline on the implement when it is disconnected from the tractor to prevent damage during storage or transportation of PTO shafts.
  • On stationary implements provide a means to limit the extension of the driveline.


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